Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Fantabulous First Christmas!

I have to tell the whole wide world... I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I only have one Christmas as my reference, but I gotta say that it's been the best! Playing with my cousins, staying up late, shorter naps, snacking, opening gifts, eating a ton of turkey, etc... it's like my top ten list of things to do.

I spent Christmas Eve day at Grandpa & Grandma Baerg's where I chilled with my cousins Paige, Josie and Taylor (visiting from Quebec... I met them for the first time earlier this week) as well as Mackenzie and Cooper. I had a terrible sleep the night before, cause I'm cutting one of my eye-teeth, so I was a little fussy at times throughout the day. But for the most part I was a pretty good kid. I got a toy tractor, a big blue elephant, a Little People airplane, a play barn complete with farm animals and hay, and jammies, to name a few of the awesome gifts I opened at the Baerg Family Christmas! I also went to the Christmas Eve service at South Abbotsford Church - I wore that snazzy shirt and tie I told you about in my dedication post, with a new Christmas red sweater to cozy up the outfit. And now it's Christmas Day and I'm hanging out at Grandpa & Grandma Horban's house. Again, so much fun! But I had another sleepless night, so I was again a little on the fussy side. Those stinkin' teeth! Always ruining my fun. Clothes, board books, a fire truck, and a Little People circus are some of the gifts I opened today. Man, I love opening gifts! I'm really good at it, too. Hardly any eating of the paper, and lots of rippage. Oh, and I almost forgot... my mommy and daddy gave me my very own rocking chair for Christmas! I got to sit in it first thing Christmas morning, and boy did I rock that chair! I'm quite the spoiled little boy, my parents say. I'll take it!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

'Tis the Season!

I can't believe it's December already. My first Christmas is right around the corner, and I'm told it's going to be awesome! Apparently I really cleaned up last year, and I wasn't even around. I actually already received my first Christmas gift, from my friend Annah. We got to play together the other night. I just love playing with my friends! I've helped out with Christmas preparations so far, such as going on the annual Horban tree hunt. It sure was cold out there, but we worked together to find the perfect tree.

Today I'm spending the day with my dad, while my mom is shopping and doing other Christmas stuff with my Auntie Megan and Grandma Horban. I love hanging out with my dad. He's the coolest! We play basketball together, and other games; he's just so silly with me. Plus, he lets me watch TV when my mommy's not around! He has to keep a close eye on me though, because I'm pulling myself up on everything and starting to walk around while holding onto furniture. I'm a little unsteady on my feet, so I tend to fall every now and again. Most of the time I'm pretty brave and don't even cry, but this one time I hit the side of my head hard on a toy and I had a crazy big bump! I'm starting to say more words, such as "up" and "all done" as well as "bye bye". I've discovered I can play peek-a-boo myself, and I can bop to music... it's so much fun!

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Dedication

On Sunday I was dedicated. Lots of people close to my mom and dad and I came to see me get dedicated... it was really cool. I had no idea how many friends I have! Well, I wasn't feeling well from an awful cold, so I was a little fussy, and not my usual charming self. I did dress up for the occasion - a snazzy new shirt and tie! I was quite handsome. Rita Lihaven did the dedication. She's such a nice lady but I just wanted to be snuggled up with mommy, so I only spent a short time in Mrs. Lihaven's arms. She's a good friend of my grandparents, and my mommy and daddy have known her for years. I'm so excited that I'm dedicated now! My parents tell me that it means they promise to teach me about God, and how much He loves me and how much I can love Him back in everything I say and do (I hope He likes snuggles as much as I do).

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Rough Week

I haven't been feeling myself lately. I've had a cold this past week (only the second one in my entire life) and I've been teething like crazy. Those first top teeth are painful! I'm extra cuddly when I'm feeling sick, but I'm also not much into sleeping. During the worst of my cold, I was averaging about 15 minutes per nap. And sleeping less at night, too. The best part about being sick, though, is the time I get to snuggle up with my daddy to fall asleep while watching some TV. I almost never get to watch TV, so this was a real treat. Too bad I was so tired, I could only take advantage of the opportunity for a short time before falling asleep. Maybe I'll get sick again soon! Anything for some cartoons...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waving and Crawling and Talking... Oh My!

This past week has just been a whirlwind of firsts for me! I'm proud to announce that I'm crawling! It may not look like the typical crawl, but man I can get around. My parents had no idea how busy I could be. Just wait 'til I can walk, mom and dad! I also love to wave hello and goodbye, and, drumroll please... I said my first word! Twice, actually. And I haven't said anything since. I said "bye-bye" and the first time I said it my mom chalked it up to baby babble (please... as if what I say is just babble!). But then I said it again later that same day and waved while saying it. And now all I ever hear from my mom and dad is "bye-bye" in hopes that I'll say it again. Also, my top tooth has poked through! I'm so glad... I've been working so hard for several months on that one.

I can now pick up puffed wheat and put it in my mouth with absolutely no assistance. It's my favourite part of every meal, just because I feel so independent. And when I'm eating (or just see food) I move my hands around like crazy in anticipation. I eat four times a day, with lots of fruits and vegetables, as well as oatmeal or rice cereal. I am quite the curious little fella, getting into anything I can crawl to - I especially love sorting through a laundry basket full of clean clothes. Here are a few photos, including one of me sleeping in a strange position... my parents thought it was quite funny.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! My first halloween was a blast. I was a skunk, and I stunk it up right! I'm a pretty smelly boy at times, so getting into character was a breeze. My parents took me to a pumpkin patch called Aldor Acres with Auntie Megan to pick out my very own pumpkin. I got to pet sheep and goats and see turkeys up close... they're real ugly. They scared my mom. We went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch, and then we visited extremely large cows, pigs and even a donkey. I quite enjoyed all the animals, especially the little piglets. Then we went the night before halloween to trick-or-treat at my cousins' house (the Peters) in Chilliwack and at my Grandpa & Grandma Baerg's house. I trick-or-treated the next night at my cousins' house (the Wrights) in Walnut Grove and finally at my Grandpa & Grandma Horban's house. Everybody loved my costume, and I was so excited to show everyone!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


A very late Happy Thanksgiving! It's never too late to be thankful. I had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend, celebrating with my family. Big turkey dinners at both the Horban household and the Baerg's. It all smelled so great... too bad I couldn't partake in any of it. I've started eating certain types of protein, however; black and beans and chicken to start. I'll soon be into dairy products which is exciting! I'm still not crawling for those of you keeping track. Very close, but no real crawl yet. I am getting very good at dragging myself around with my arms. My hair is growing like crazy, and it's getting a little darker (some would say it looks a little red, but don't tell that to my dad!). I'm having trouble napping these days, mostly because my top teeth are bugging me so much. I absolutely love a good game of peek-a-boo, and I tend to giggle at almost anything when I'm overtired. I'm extremely ticklish, but I only enjoy it when I'm in a good mood. I loooove playing with my toys, especially in the bath, and I enjoy a good board book; I'm an expert page-turner. I also had the priviledge of meeting a new friend. Her name is Julia, and I stopped by the hospital the day after she was born to introduce myself. Here are a few of the latest pictures of me...