Friday, October 15, 2010

The Great Outdoors

Most people prefer summer over the other seasons, and get outside to enjoy the weather more than any other time of year. But we love fall, and tend to spend more time outside in the crisp, cool air than we do in the summer. Here are a few photos of our family enjoying the great outdoors during our favourite time of year...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Transition Time

Monte set his alarm for 5am, rolled out of bed (after his usual dozen slaps to the snooze button) and left for Gourmet Chef this morning for the last time. He begins working for the Wired Monk on tuesday, after the Thanksgiving holiday monday, and we're excited to be in the midst of transition! We're not sure what these next few weeks will look like, since there's no workplace to actually go to. I think there will be a good mix of self-motivation for Monte and an endless list of urgent tasks to be done in order to help get the coffee shop up and running in as little time as possible. It will definitely be an adjustment, Monte having never worked from home before, and then adding in the fact that the boys and I are around the house (as well as the little girl I'm looking after). It's really only setting in now, these changes.

I've been doing a few hours of work here and there for the coffee shop, setting up wholesale accounts, researching local companies, and looking into possible merchandise. I've really enjoyed digging into something other than diapers, bottles and toys. Our dining room table, however, has turned into a library of catalogues, post-its and samples. And portions of our basement are soon to be turned into a mini-warehouse, housing gift baskets/containers and their contents (including to-die-for biscotti and amazing, organic dark chocolate... Oh the temptations!).

We drive by the location often, and get updates from Tim & Sharon on the progress of the shop. It's fun to go inside when no one's there and imagine the finished product. We even took the boys there a few weekends ago, and Nate was enthusiastic about it all.