Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day!

I experienced my first meeting with snow last week... I'm not sure what to think. It's so exciting to watch, when it's falling and I'm inside. But my parents took me for a little walk in the snow and I have to admit it's very cold! We walked around in it, stopped and watched it fall, and picked it up and threw it back down. I even tried to crawl in it, but that was no fun. We've had quite a bit of snow this past week. Maybe next year I'll enjoy it more.

I'm getting much bigger... I'm wearing 18-month clothes and size 4 shoes. I eat 4 times a day, have about 2 hours in naps and sleep about 10 hours at night. I love to bop to music and I can clap like nobody's business, especially during game shows or when the Canucks score. My new word is "down" and I'm learning to say "hi" while waving. I've also said "all done" a couple times, but it's not in my regular vocabulary repertoire yet. I've learned how to blow kisses, give five, and I pretend to brush my teeth when someone talks about brushing theirs. I can slam dunk a basketball in my baby-sized hoop - it cheers for me every time. My favourite activity right now is walking (and sometimes running) with a toy walker my Auntie Marni lent me. It's so much fun, except I forget to bend my knees and I often stay on my tip-toes. And I crash into things a lot, but I just get redirected and keep on going. I've discovered Elmo - he's the greatest! I think that's all that's new. I'm pretty excited about my first birthday coming up... February 13th! I'll be sure to post again when I turn one!