Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So It's Been A Little While...

It's been forever since I've been able to get to a computer to blog. To all my die-hard fans, I apologize. Lots has happened in the last couple of weeks... for instance, I'm now able to pull myself up to a standing position in my crib (and I feel pretty proud of myself when I do it, too). And I can pretty much sit by myself now, with the exception of a tumble here and there. I've expanded my food intake to both veggies and fruit, and I loooove it all! I quench my thirst with some refreshing water, from my big-boy rubbermaid drink box (complete with a straw and everything, I might add!). I'm going through a shrieking phase, which my parents are growing tired of. I'm getting some not-so-good reactions lately from my outbursts, especially when I'm tired cause that's when I get really loud and shrill. I'm napping really well in the morning and afternoon, but I'm trying to make my evening nap obsolete (it's not working out too well - I think my parents suspect I still need one).

I've tried to keep up my social life in the midst of all this developing. I watched my cousin Coop at his very first soccer game. I went to Kelowna for the weekend to visit my friends Sean & Wix. And I spent an entire church service in the nursery for the first time ever, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I've also caught up with my buddies Parker and Annah at Annah's new house (I like going there because she has so many toys, and a bright red chair she lets me sit in that's just my size), and I've spent some time with my grandparents, both Baerg and Horban. I love my grandparents! I got to cuddle with both my auntie Les and my auntie Megan - cuddling is one of my favourite things to do, especially when it's with my aunties. And probably the most major recent event in my life was my trip to the pool with my daddy... twice! I took my very first swim at the YMCA with my dad and Sean in Kelowna. I really didn't like it at first, but by the end, I was in my element! I can't wait to go again and again and again!

(My mom wanted you to know those are my dad's legs... not hers!)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Just Another Update

I've cut another tooth! I'm just exhausted. And I've been introduced to real food. I can't believe what I've been missing! I just love it. Sweet potatoes, squash and green beans. It's the best! I can't wait to spend time in my highchair, and I absolutely love to try to feed myself by helping my mom handle the spoon. Another big change in my life is my ability to roll over from my back to my front. Who knew being on your tummy could be so exhilirating? While on my front I can rotate myself in a complete circle (when motivated by toys) and I can slowly move myself backwards. I am so close to crawling, I can almost taste the freedom! I also went to my very first hockey game last weekend - the Chilliwack Bruins were playing themselves, so my dad and I went with my cousin Mackenzie and my uncle Pat. I enjoyed myself immensely until the crazy-loud air horn startled me to tears.