Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Trip to the Apple Farm

On Thursday my mom and I visited Willow View Farms with my buddies Tydin and Jarris, and their mom. We had a blast! We visited the barn animals - saw baby chicks, pigs, goats, sheep and a cow. I felt I communicated well with the animals, imitating their sounds... We had quite the conversations! We also explored the tractors and other farm machinery, and we picked our very own apples to take home. I LOVE apples!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mmmm... Pizza!

I LOVE pizza! Pizza and chicken strips with fries are tied for my absolute favourite food. We don't eat either of them very often, but when we do, oh man is it ever good! My mom makes mini pizzas on whole wheat pitas for lunch sometimes. You can hear a pin drop in our house when we have mini pizzas for lunch. I'm so lovin my lunch that I could care less about anything else. I prefer to eat the crust first, picking off all the toppings to eat after, and eating it upside down so that pizza sauce gets everywhere.

I went to the aquarium with my dad and cousins recently - we had a blast! I love fish, so I was totally excited to see huge aquariums with amazing fish inside. Plus, anytime I get to hang with Mack and Cooper (or as I call them "Kkkkk" and "Pooper") I have so much fun. I also played with my other cousins, Avri, Danae and Marea at a couple Horban family dinners in August. They have so much energy, it's awesome! We get silly together. I just miss my other cousins, though. Paige, Josie and Taylor live across the country so I only get to see them at Christmas and sometimes through a webcam. Only a few months to go, and then I can give them all big bear hugs!