Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nate Do It!

I'm on a mission to declare my independence, now that I consider myself to be a big boy. This means daily struggles to convince everyone that I can do everything by myself. Or, in my own words: "Nate do it!" I get a furrowed brow and there's severe determination in my expression as I attempt to take over every task on my own. And then I get very frustrated when it doesn't go over so well, and I need help. One day I won't have to ask for help anymore... I can't wait for that!

I also reject any idea that's not my own. And then I change my mind, because then it's officially my own idea. So, for example, should my mom offer me some milk, I say no thanks. But when she closes the fridge door, I get upset. Because I want milk. But only because I thought of it, not because she suggested it. It's very important to recognize the difference! It drives my parents crazy! That's half the fun.

But in all my frustration for independence comes major accomplishments, which I am very proud of. I can (for the most part) put on my own clothes, drink (with very little spillage) from a big boy cup, climb into my car seat, and I can build the most amazing block towers, houses and cranes. Here are a few pictures taken at my request during one of those proud moments: