Sunday, April 27, 2008

There's Nothing Like a Good Book

I've been real busy lately, keeping up with my much beloved reading. Books are my thing and I like to read the same book over and over and over -- it never gets old! My current favourite is a sturdy little board book titled "Monkey Steam Train," a classic from the Peters boys (my cousins). Yesterday my favourite book was a lift-the-flap book by the Baby Einstein people. I'm an expert flap-lifter-upper now. Other favourites include a search-and-find Elmo and Grover book, "There's a Wocket in My Pocket" (Dr. Seuss rules!) and another Baby Einstein book that plays music and lights up. I love books so much sometimes I just sit in my room by myself quietly flipping through books, pointing at things I recognize and making the appropriate noises if I see animals I know.

I'm also getting into dancing and even singing. I can sing along with the Elmo's World theme song and I bop to anything catchy. I especially love to stomp one foot to the farm songs on the Leap Frog fridge toy my Grandma & Grandpa Horban got me for my birthday. I'm so enthusiastic when I dance that I get everyone around me to join in! It's quite a scene.

I've learned to nod and shake my head, I can help clean up my toys when asked, I love to help out around the house by closing any doors that are open (such as the fridge or dishwasher) and I've added "mama", "poop", "again" and "papa" (grandpa) to my vocabulary. And I'm so very relieved to report that all four of my one-year molars have finally cut through!