Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello Sunshine!

I love Spring time! The sunshine means I get to go to the park almost every day -- I love the park! The swings in particular are fantastic. We go as a family on Saturday mornings, as long as it's not raining, and then my mom and I walk around Mill Lake and play on the playground every morning during the week! Except for Fridays, when I have regular play dates with my buddies.

This one time, though, my mom and I were walking to the playground and I got distracted by a really cool but loud motorcycle driving by and I fell down on the pavement and scratched up my cheek and a little bit of my nose and mouth. It hurt so bad! We had to turn right around and go back home to clean up my face. And I also needed to get in some good cuddle time with my mom -- there's something about a good, long hug that just makes everything better.

With this great sunny weather I also had a picnic at the beach with my buddies Annah and Julia. We played catch, chased after bubbles, and ate outside! So much fun! And I got to see the ocean. I can't wait to swim in the ocean one day.