Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nathan Baerg: Professional Walker

It's official - I'm walking! I've taken a few tumbles these past few weeks, but nothing that's deterred me from pursuing a life of walking. And now there's no turning back. I love it, and I'm so proud of every step I take.

Speaking of walking, I've been going on a walk outside every day lately since we've had such nice weather. I love walks! My mom and I have been going on one after lunch each day, and then we usually go for another after dinner, with my dad. I love being out and about, seeing the sights. I would have to say it's my favourite of all things. And the best part about going on walks is that I get to greet everyone I see. I wave to every person we walk past, and if a fellow kid doesn't see my wave, I yell in their direction to get their attention. I even wave at those very still people on big signs and billboards... They don't wave back, though.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snazzy New 'Do

Watch out ladies! Nate's got a new hairdo - and he's a clean-cut handsome little fella!

I had my first haircut on Sunday. My daddy took the clippers to my head, and I quite enjoyed it. A haircut was long overdue; my mullet was starting to get out of hand. And we all know a mullet of any kind isn't pretty! So I've shed my 'little baby Nate' look and entered into the world of 'big boy-hood'. In addition to my updated hairstyle, I now face forward in my car seat, just like a big kid. I've added "dada" to my vocabulary and thoroughly enjoy blabbering on and on as loud as possible, especially in public. And - probably the biggest news of all - I am a proud owner of a fish! I originally had two fish, but one of them moved on to bigger and better things within a week of joining our family, so I now just have Dexter. We're good buds. I take care of him.