Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Changes Ahead

My second birthday is right around the corner, and while I'm very excited to turn two I've been told that there are several major changes that also lurk around that same corner. Now, for most toddlers the prospect of becoming a 'big boy' is an exciting time... most my age can't wait to be given that status. Well, I'm not one of them. Like my mom, I am not a fan of change. And becoming a big boy means too many big changes. I suppose I'll have to find the positives in these changes and try to have a good attitude. My least favourite change is that I'm gradually beginning to potty-train. That toilet scares me! Even with a special seat, familiar reading material and a stool brought in just for me, I do not want to sit on that thing for a second! But, I've discovered potty-training underpants, which is the silver lining. They are so fun to wear as hats! I also will be moving into a toddler bed, as soon as my sleep problems are over. I'm not sure how I feel about this change, but I do know that I get a bright new comforter for my bed. I'm stoked about that!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


If you were to spend a night - or even just an afternoon - at my house lately you'd probably guess my New Year's resolution is to sleep less. A LOT less! We're not sure if it was my ear fluid catastrophe that messed me up, or if it was the out-of-schedule Christmas celebrations, or if it could even be that I've had nightmares lately, but I am not a fan of going to bed these days. It started Boxing Day night when I spent my first night in my own crib after being away from home for a few days. I screamed like crazy and took over an hour to fall asleep which is not normal for me. And then I'd be up every few hours to do it all over again. The same went for naptime.

It's getting better, but I'm still only averaging about 8 hours of sleep at night (instead of my usual 11-12 hrs) and maybe an hour for naptime if I decide to go to sleep at all. My mom and dad were ready to pull their hair out at times. We were all pretty miserable. The one thing I do like about my sleeping problems is that I get to crawl into bed with my mom and dad when I wake up too early in the morning. It's the only way I'll go back to sleep. I NEVER get to sleep in their bed! My mom loves it too, cause I throw my arm across her neck, smush my face up against hers and breathe my stinky morning breath into her face. It's premium snuggle time.