Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My First Steps!

Well, it seems as though February is a month of firsts for me... and today I took my first unassisted steps! I love to look out the window, and in our living room are two windows just at my height that look out onto a parking lot. I make sure to wave at everyone coming and going. Anyway, I was truckin' along with my walker when I realized someone was about to leave the parking lot without a friendly goodbye wave. I knew I couldn't whip my walker around to the window fast enough, so I decided to give walking a try. And man I nailed those few steps from my walker to the window! My mom got all excited and yelled to my dad, but he missed it. So a few minutes later when everyone was situated, we recreated the event and both my mom and dad watched me repeat the steps I took the first time. We had quite a celebration! I'm very proud to be an official walker. But I don't feel ready to take it on full-time yet. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My First Birthday!

I celebrated my first birthday this past week! My mom and dad and I celebrated as a family on my actual birthday - February 13th - with a cupcake and gift. I did not like the cupcake, nor the pressure to eat it! I did enjoy smearing it all over my belly, though. And I loved my present from my parents: a musical activity table, just my size! I love noisy toys.

We celebrated my birthday with the Horbans on Saturday afternoon, with cake and gifts. Again, no way was I eating cake or ice cream. But bring on the gifts! I received clothes and books and toys. And then we celebrated with the Baergs on Sunday evening, with more cupcakes and gifts. What's with all the sugar on your birthday? I don't like it. I received more clothes and books and toys. So much fun! I'm so thankful for all the presents - my family loves me so much!

Saturday, February 9, 2008